25 Pro Base Rover


GPS Zenith 25 Pro Rover



Zenith25 Pro GSM Net Rover Set Zenith25 Pro GNSS, 3.75G GSM, GLONASS Zenith25 Pro Accessory Kit including hard container, microSD card, USB cable, quick guide and CDGEV192-1 AC/DC-Adapter for GKL112/311 US GEV192-1 AC/DC-Adapter for GKL112/311 US Zenith35 Pro GSM-UHF Flexible Rover Set GeoMax Zenith35 Pro GNSS receiver, 555 channels with internal 3.75G GSM, WLAN, Bluetooth and UHF module, GP+GLONASS, L5, multi-frequency, 20Hz positioning rate Zenith35 Standard Accessory Kit for Zenith35 GSM-UHF Variant. Includes hard container, charger, battery x 2, GSM antenna and USB cable, Quick Guide and CD. ZRA100 Gainflex UHF radio antenna for frequency range 435-470 MHz Choose 766906, Gainflex Radio Antennafor frequency range 400-435 MHzZCH201, Charger for ZBA201 and ZBA400


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